50 Cent Dubbed One Of 2017’s “Sexiest Men Alive” By People Magazine

50 Cent Dubbed One Of 2017's "Sexiest Men Alive" By People Magazine

50 Cent has been juggling his opportunity between buckling down on Power and calibrating his up and

coming collection. Presently, the Get Rich Or Die Tyin’ rapper has gotten a fascinating co-sign from People

Magazine, who authoritatively named the rapper 2017’s “Sexiest Triple Threat.” That doesn’t precisely look

good for 50’s horde adversaries, as the declaration will no uncertainty prompted a cosmic increment in

conscience. In any case, it’s dependably enjoyable to see 50 Cent winning, particularly when his trolling has

apparently achieved an unsurpassed, and hardhearted high. For the record, the man who left with People’s

most astounding honor was nation artist Blake Shelton.