BbyMutha – The Come Up

BbyMutha - The Come Up

BbyMutha – The Come Up

Her second new tune over the latest couple of days.

Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper BbyMutha has shared another track on SoundCloud. Much as week last’s “Break,” it shows up this new cut, titled “The Come Up,” is being released in light of the rapper’s mistake with how her best in class gathering is being dealt with. “i’m session to drop another song… cuz FUCK U,” she created on Twitter Sunday. On Thursday, she expressed, “i’m at the present time in a situation where I feel loose played by a couple of individuals who I thought were trying to help me … So now idk when i’ll be releasing the gathering.”

The Sage Williams-made track has the same DIY progress as a considerable amount of BbyMutha’s material, as she abuse and brags over an irrelevant synth riff. “All these little bitches look like pussy to me/I’ma eat these bitches up/pull out my dick and let it skeet,” she snarls on the catch.

BbyMutha released her Muthaz Day 2 EP in January. A month back, she arranged it according to the BbyShoe EP. Each and every piece of her music is available on her SoundCloud profile. Stay tuned for also purposes of enthusiasm on her best in class accumulation.