Elley Duhe – Can You Touch

Can You Touch

Elley Duhe – Can You Touch

Duhé could be taking a gander at a major 2018.

You may know Elley Duhé through her 2016 single “Godlike,” or maybe its 2017 SnakeHips remix. If not,

“Would you be able to Touch” is a decent prologue to the lyricist’s combination of outside the box of R&B.

Loaded with simply enough creation traps to keep things intriguing, the track is a really straightforward and

straight-forward pop melody that is driven by Duhé’s execution. Her verses are overflowing with identity

(“Fuel up snappy then we roll a spliff/Cruising through that clouds/up out this circle”) and her tunes

frequently go in startling ways, addressing her quality as a lyricist.

It’s a solid begin to what could without much of a stretch be a breakout year for the vocalist lyricist. Pay

special mind to additional from her soon.