Peewee Longway – I Can’t Get Enough

Peewee Longway - I Can't Get Enough

Peewee Longway – I Can’t Get Enough

The skilled rapper has collaborated with individual ATLien maker Spaghetti Jay to debut the main single off

his profoundly expected mixtape entitled Spaghetti Factory.

“I Can’t Get Enough,” discovers Peewee streaming over a trap beat that sounds like it’s mixed with a tropical

vibe. Peewee utilizes an uneven stream that rides the pocket of the instrumental astonishingly as he raps

about rich living and every one of the things he can’t get enough of. The energetic trap record is snappy and

addictive, and you’re certain to rehash the ensemble before the track arrives at a conclusion.

Peewee Longway is a long-lasting companion of both Gucci Mane and Young Thug, and he initially presented

the two of every 2013. He has additionally earned the regard of LL Cool J, who called Peewee his most loved

new craftsman.

Spaghetti Factory drops on April thirteenth.