Skooly – Really Rich

Skooly - Really Rich

Off the second installment in Skooly’s “Don’t You Ever Forget Me” series.

“Really Rich” is one of eight new tracks on Don’t You Ever Forget Me 2, the second EP in a planned series of 3 from

Skooly. One of the more driving rap records of the collection, which also features some R&B-leaning experiments,

“Rich” is an immediately satisfying, celebratory track. Colored with lively ad-libs and backing harmonies, Skooly’s

half-shouted raps describe his hustle and desire to keep moving forward. At the rate he’s going with his musical

releases, it’s clear the drive it there. The Atlanta released the first volume of Don’t You Ever Forget Me at the

beginning of February, and the follow-up on March 1st. Though it has not been confirmed, it seems likely that the

final chapter in the trilogy will arrive in April.